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 Cashwool by Lane Borgosesia in Italy
I bought this yarn thinking it was a blend of cashmere and wool, it sure feels like it but I later found out that it is 100% fine merino. (not superwash, this yarn felts) It is a very light weight yarn. About the weight of Artisan yarn. You can see by the yardage (50 gram ball has over 700 yards )that the yarn must be a fine lace weight.

top row-left to right- terra cotta-taupe-green
bottom row- left to right -brown heather , curry, canary yellow, chocolate brown
see below for individual pictures of the yarn

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they are reduced in price as well





Note: This yarn sold at $15.00 for 50 grams which is 30 cents a gram- for the clearance sale it will be reduced to 5 cents a gram. I went looking for something else in a closet yesterday and found a lot of large cones of this yarn which I forgot I had. Some of the yarn is wound in 20 gram skeins, some in 30gram or 50 grams, too complicated to figure out what I have in each colour. I have lot of the terra cotta and the green the others have less and the curry has just a bit left. I also have some wound in 2 strands, some in 4 strands for the cowl, scarf & neck warmer kits. Tell me how much you would like of which colour and how you want it wound. opps just remembered that some is in balls but most in skeins or cone some cones are very large and some smaller. (cone mostly terra cotta and dark green)

To order email me with what you want and if I can fill your order I will let you know and then you can order it on line




low amount left




terra cotta
lots left



almost none left

medium brown
  some left

dark green
lots left

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