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Rovings, Fleece, Tops
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Merino Roving
from New Zealand
very very soft
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100 grams - 8.00

Merino & Cashmere Roving
from Australia

very soft and silky
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50 grams - $8.00

Just heard from a spinner who bought some of this, and
she says that it is really nice to spin with and makes a lovely yarn.

Country Pencil Rovings
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Cotton Roving
very soft and clean
short staple

100 grams - 3.00



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Acrylic Rovings
I picked up these rovings just because I liked the look or feel of them. I have no idea how they spin. I do know that the one to the left will felt. They might be interesting spun with another yarn or for use in Fibre Arts. Note: I have had some feedback on these acrylic yarns and spinners have found then nice to work with, either on their own or as an addition to another fibre
Clearance price $ 3.00 100 grams

Sage green $4.00 -100 grams
only 600 grams left


Cafe au lait $4.00 -100 grams

black  $4.00 -100 grams

Navy tone on tone  $4.00 -100 grams

Red  $4.00 -100 grams


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