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Yarn by the lot came about because I have lots of odds and ends of yarn left over from kits. Some lots listed here will be all full balls and other could be some full balls and some partial balls but the total amount will be listed. In the past 20 years I have bought discontinued or over run lots of yarn. I often buy from designer who have yarn left over after an order is filled. They sell the yarn to me a discounted price from what they paid in many cases to import it. Then I end up with small amounts left over as well. I currently have lots of yarn that would fit the category of odds and ends when the kits are sold out and more yarn is not available. So as time allows I will add to this page and when something is sold I will remove the lot.  I will put new additions at the top so that you will see the current additions without having to scroll down. I hope you find some odds and ends to add to your stash.

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LOT # 4

YARN - Bulky
blues and white

FIBRE CONTENT: unknown but some of it is cotton

TOTAL WEIGHT: 510 grams

It would knit on 8 to 10 mm needles

PRICE FOR LOT: $15.00 



There are 3 types of yarn and 3 colours. It is a bulky yarn and one of the types is a blue chenille that you can see on the right hand ball, the outer layer on the left ball is a fluffy texture that is wrapped to create a bubble effect, the 3rd type which doesn't show in this picture is a feathery eyelash yarn. The colours are white, pale blue and denim blue.

LOT # 16

YARN - chunky wool boucle
dusty brown

FIBRE CONTENT: 100% wool,

110 grams

It would knit on 6 or  mm needles





Texture boucle wool in a dusty colour of sheep brown. The close-up shows the curls and also the colours of the wool. Enough here to make a hat or a short cowl or mitts.
Lot # 36

YARN: Lace Weight, sage green boucle



TOTAL WEIGHT AND YARDAGE OF LOT: 385 grams and 1,020 yards

PRICE FOR LOT: $  20.00



This picture shows the texture of the yarn and the curls in the boucle. The yarn has a light sheen, it is a little more green then the picture. It is a grey green but the camera did not catch the green tones. It would make a lovely shawl knit with slightly larger needles, maybe a 7 or 8 mm so that the texture of the yarn shows. I have a very basic triangle shawl pattern should you want one. just put a note in the order page for basic triangle shawl.
Lot # 112

YARN: Lace Weight boucle
reddish brown with a shine-skeins

 rayon viscose



PRICE FOR LOT: $  13.50




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