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rs -315
I had 4  balls of this in my stash and for good reason, I have 6 pair of socks made in this .Just have 2 balls left. They get warn and thrown in the washer every week and not showing a sign of wearing. Other socks that I
have after wearing them start to wear thin on the heel but not Fortissima. I put extra balls away in case they wore out
but I am pretty sure the ones I have will see me through another 10 years and so and by that time I may not be able to bend over to pull socks on. yarn and they were made in 2005.  Just have 2 balls left. Both balls are the same dye lot. It is selling for 16.00 a ball now so does 2 balls for $16
sound good.

RS -313

YARN: Sockittome by Kertzer
FIBRE CONTENT:  superwash wool & nylon
Total weight 95 grams



YARN: Loops and Threads Woodlands
FIBRE CONTENT: 73% wool, 24% nylon, 3% poly
Ball WEIGHT: 50grams
Ball YARDAGE: 218 yards 
 lot of 30 balls 
Lot has 1,500 grams & 6,540 yards total

enough to make a very large sweater or an afghan
I bought it for a large project


YARN: lace mohair
FIBRE CONTENT: nylon core and fine mohair
WEIGHT 45 grams

almost thread like


RS-307- one skein of each
FIBRE CONTENT: 64% cotton 8% metal & 28% Viscose
WEIGHT  115 g each skein
Yardage  ?
$ 25.00 for


YARN: skinny Majestic
FIBRE CONTENT: Rayon boucle
WEIGHT 100 grams
 YARDAGE  700 yards


RS -308

YARN: Lighthouse
Ocean Sunset ombre

FIBRE CONTENT: 100% wool
Total weight 50 grams
YARDAGE in 50grams is 75yds
3  50 g balls- 225YARDS TOTAL
 $15.00 for 3 balls


RS302 cones
YARN: Brushed to look like Mohair
FIBRE CONTENT: 100% acrylic
CONE WEIGHTs- 300 grams, 500 grams, 730grams Total weight 1,530 grams
YARDAGE in 100 grams is 418 yards
 $ 70.00 for all three cones

we still have some of the hand made wooden needles from River John in Nova Scotia 50% off check here 

RS -312

YARN:  Polwarth Wool
FIBRE CONTENT: 100% polwarth wool from Manitoba
The yarn is a slightly darker green then the picture, It
is a soft yarn that knits as a worsted weight yarn
20st in 4 inches
2 are in skeins and 1 is wound in a ball, if you like I
can wind the other two into balls or make them all skeins.

Total weight 3  200 gram skeins
YARDAGE in 200 grams is 600 meters
retail price on these 200 gram skeins was $34.00 each
 $65.00 for all 3


RS -315

YARN: soft fluffy yarn that would work well together in  a small project
FIBRE CONTENT: pink ball
70.5 % acrylic, 18% mohair,2.5% polyester
Black Ball
77% Acrylic,8% poly, 7.5% mohair, 7.5% alpaca
Total weight 270 grams
pink ball 105g, multi-coloured ball -50g-
 $15.00 for both


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