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skeins and balls
Total 1,720 gram
(3- 300 g
skeins, 2-165g skeins, 1-155 skein
370 grams in balls)
darker Danu Price for lot $51.60
 $35.00 final sale


FIBRE CONTENT: Blue Faced Leicester
Sports weight
 WEIGHT :  465 grams
TOTAL YARDAGE : 1,846Yards
PRICE per cone : $ 40.00

 Final sale - $65.00 for both cones


FIBRE CONTENT: Rayon &  gold Lurex
TOTAL WEIGHT :  2,340 grams
TOTAL YARDAGE : 4,896 Yards
PRICE FOR LOT: $ 50.00 final sale

takes colour easily -sample

  lace weight viscose rayon

FIBRE CONTENT:  100% rayon
SINGLE SKEIN YARDAGE - 100 gram =500 yards
Total weight and yardage - 950 gram- 4,750 yds total
sale price was 5 cents a gram

Final sale for all of it is $30.00


This a a very shiny yarn. It makes lovely silky looking shawls or scarves. If you are going to knit with one strand I would use 2.5 to 3.25mm needle. It is also a really nice yarn to crochet with.

Cotton and silver metalic
It is a white light weight cotton with a very fine silver metal thread. The silver thread does not show too well in the picture. It actually looks like tiny spec of light in the yarn.

FIBRE CONTENT:  Cotton and metalic
I have 26 100 gram skeins
Total weight and yardage - 2,600 gram- 10,868yds

skein  $3.75

26 skeins $90.00 Final sale 65.00 for all 26 skeins


  YARN: Danu
We have some that is very light in colour and some  that is
darker. The darker one is the one we dyed and
you can see some of it by clicking here
SINGLE SKEIN WEIGHT :  93 yds in 100 grams

Lighter Danu-4 skeins for a total of 715 grams- PRICE FOR LOT: $21.45
$14.30 final sale

click to see Rochelle's stash  - page 1 ribbon, page 3 exotic page 2 hand-dyed
more pages to come and if I found more ribbon or hand-dyed they will be added to the existing page

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