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Yarn by the lot came about because I have lots of odds and ends of yarn left over from kits. Some lots listed here will be all full balls and other could be some full balls and some partial balls but the total amount will be listed. In the past 20 years I have bought discontinued or over run lots of yarn. I often buy from designer who have yarn left over after an order is filled. They sell the yarn to me a discounted price from what they paid in many cases to import it. Then I end up with small amounts left over as well. I currently have lots of yarn that would fit the category of odds and ends when the kits are sold out and more yarn is not available. So as time allows I will add to these pages and when something is sold I will remove the lot.   I hope you find some odds and ends to add to your stash.

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Tension: 7 sts in 4" on a 15 mm needle
(a 10mm needles gives you a more dense knit)
Weight & Yardage: 590 grams total, 390 yards
1 strand of boucle variegated rayon, 
1 strand of bulky rust, charcoal and brown,
1 strand of black with gold glitter cluster, 
1 of a black brushed yarn with a fine twist of multi coloured glitter.

colours: black, brown, rust, with gold glitter




final price 30.00


Custom Blended Bulky weight yarn

Orange,Chocolate WITH CLUMPS
OF GOLD Blended yarn

Custom Blended fingering weight yarn
Tension: 20 sts in 4" on a 4 mm needle 
(open lacy stitches)

Weight & Yardage:
300 grams total, 1090 yards
1 strand of boucle variegated acrylic, 
1 strand of gold lurex
colours: brown, rust,curry, white with gold glitter

final price 10.00



Oba with gold sparkle


. .
Lot # 10

YARN: odds and ends of cones of undyed wool

FIBRE CONTENT: wool Morgana
 YARDAGE:  188 yards in100 g

Total grams 6.50 grams
PRICE for total $6.50

 was used in sweater kits (classic cable etc.) and was dyed (handdyed Morgana)
Lot # 12

YARN: Bernat Really Big



PRICE for 3 balls $10.00




Lot # 13

YARN: Worsted weight Travelle
FIBRE CONTENT: 70%wool 30% Acrylic
TOTAL WEIGHT :  1,015 grams
Rust cones 450 grams the rest of the
colours are small amounts

PRICE for lot: $18.00


was used in sweater kits and leggings  


colours showing lighter than they are
Lot # 14

YARN: Megreve
FIBRE CONTENT: mohair boucle & Lycra:  (yarn stretches)

Burgundy skein weighs120g and is wound double strand
Green skein weighs 105 grams and is single strand
PRICE for both $8.00

  was used in house socks kits where the yarn felted a bit and got big and fluffy and stretchy
Lot # 15

YARN: Creamy white lace weight
SINGLE SKEIN  180 grams
1,150 yards

PRICE per skein: $8.00


Lot # 16

YARN: Odds and ends of colours and yarn weight (lace, light weight to DK)grey, white, red, chocolate, pink, black and mint gree)
Total weight 1.070 gram

PRICE for lot $10.00




Lot # 17

YARN: odds and ends of colours in DK weight
TOTAL WEIGHT 750 grams

PRICE for lot: $15.00



Actual colours are dark then shown,  ie.the blue at back is denim

Lot # 18

YARN: 2 cones, lace weight, rippled texture

 900 grams - 5,352 yards

PRICE for lot: $15.00



Lot # 19

YARN: small cone of white rayon viscose

TOTAL WEIGHT & yardage
175 grams - 674 yards

PRICE for lot: $5.00



Lot # 20

YARN: fluffy soft yarn that is spun like a loose chenille yarn
TOTAL WEIGHT  and yardage

95 g - 209 yds

PRICE for lot: $5.00



Lot # 22

YARN: Worsted weight ragg wool
medium brown spun with natural off white
TOTAL WEIGHT and yardage
325 grams 573 yards

PRICE for lot: $6.50



Lot # 23

YARN: 5 skeins of bulky, wrapped, lightly spun yarn
TOTAL WEIGHT and yardage
 705 grams 504 yards

PRICE for lot: $18.00



for some reason my camera and my phone will not take a picture that is even close to the actual colour. It is a soft rusty brown coloured yarn, darker then what is shown below, the picture shows the texture of the yarn but not the actual colour.
Lot # 24

YARN: Angora Bebe - a soft fluffy yarn
TOTAL WEIGHT & yardage

9 balls
25 gram balls - 72 meters

PRICE for lot: $15.00



Lot # 25

YARN: Kiki - texture thick and thin with a very tiny thread of shiny yarn
if you look really hard. the thread is probably viscose. I don't think the black has the tiny thread and if it does it is shiny,
TOTAL WEIGHT & yardage
pink - 75 grams 176 yds
black - 245 grams 576 yds

PRICE for lot: $7.50



the pink if not quite right, it is a bit more salmon in colour
Lot # 26

YARN: Louet lace weight
FIBRE CONTENT: organic cotton
TOTAL WEIGHT  and yards

6 cones

125 grams a cone
710 yard a cone

PRICE for lot: $30.00



slightly darker pink

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