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Title: Kids' Knits
by Lesley Anne Price
Softcover  144ages
srp $13.50
Over 70 classic handknit fashions for young children specially designed for this book. Wonderful designs-cardigans, hast, legwarmers, scarves, mittens, pants, a classic coat, a jazzy jacket, a sweatshirt and trouser set, cotton knits for summer, swimming suits as Christening set, blankest knitted toys and much more. Many patterns given in 6 sizes

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Title: Knit 2 together
Patterns and stories for serious knitting fun
by Tracy Ullman & Mel Clark
Hardcover  168pages
srp $39.90
Over 30 interesting patterns that cover a wide range of designs by Mel Clark. Sweaters, hats scarves, household items. My favourite has to be the wide leg knitted pants knit in a soft cotton, I think they would be great for lounging or yoga or in the cool evening after being in the sun all day .

 Clearance  $19.95  only 1 copy


Title: Knit and Crochet with Beads
by Lily M Chin
softcover  130 pages
srp $30.95
handled book-cover has sticker marks
Sparkling beads- strategically nestled among your knitted and crocheted stitches- bring exciting texture and colour to one of a kind garments and accessories. Lily Chin presents 16 techniques for knitting and crocheting with beads, 13 knitting projects, 10 crochet projects and methods for mixing techniques. Step by step instructions and detail illustrations.

 Clearance  $15.50  only 1 copy

Title: Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters
Author: Lisa Kartus
Hard Cover,   spiral bound  112 pages
SRP- $24.95
The best I have seen in a " how to" book on problems for knitters. Shows pictures of what the problems looks like so you can compare it to your problems and then tells you how that problem happened and finally shows and tells you how to fix it. Lot of other useful knitting information, tips and "how to's".  One of the books that should be standard in any knitter's library.
Used for classes so student discount price

  discount price $22.00

Title: Knits for All Seasons
by Jean Moss
Hardcover  160pages
srp $37.99
27 original designs for all the family. 
 Unique couture patterns from an internationally know designer.
Featuring 17 seasonal knits plus alternative colourways for men, women and children.   Easy to follow knitting instructions. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs and precise knitting charts where appropriate.

 Clearance  $18.99  only 1 copy


Title: The yarn girls' guide to
Knits for Older children
by Julie Caries and Jordana Jacobs
softcover  156 pages
srp ?
This is an uncorrected proof used to promote the book. The pictures of the projects inside are in black and white.  There are trendy easy to knit patterns for boys and girls ages four through ten. A total of 30 projects for newer knitter.

 Clearance  $5.00  only 1 copy

Title: (the) Knitter's Bible
Knitted afghans & pillows
by Claire Crompton
Softcover,  128 pages
srp $21.99 
Dress your furniture with chic afghans, add drama with brightly beaded pillows and make a statement with zingy seating cubes . Combine fabulous colours and textures with 25 stylish designs to create striking accessories for your home.

 Clearance  $11.95  only 1 copy



Title: (the) Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns
by Ann Budd revised and expanded 2004
Hardcover-spiral bound,  218 pages
srp $37.95 

Basic designs in multiple sizes and yarn gauges. More then 1,500 options
 Socks , mittens, gloves, hats, tams, scarves, sweaters and vests - all sized from baby to large adult and knit in fine to bulky weight of yarn. Plus a detailed glossary of techniques for beginning and advance knitters. Pattern and reference book.


  Clearance  $18.95  only 1 copy

Title: Knitter's Lib
by Lena Maikon
Softcover  174 pages
srp $17.99
Learn to knit, crochet and free yourself from pattern dependency.
20 all -season knit and crochet projects and tips on how to create your own designs

 Clearance  $8.95  only 1 copy


Title: Knitting
by Susan Duckworth
Hardcover  144pages
srp $28.00
Over 30 patterns, all extraordinarily different.  Her work draws on a huge range of inspirational sources- from flowers in the fields to Elizabethan embroideries and oriental textiles. Over the years she has experimented with colour and yarns to great success.

   Clearance  $14.00 only 1 copies

I have a second copy which is exactly the same inside but has a different cover, one copy is the original printed in Britain and the second is the copy printed in the US

Title: Knitting- Learn to knit six great projects
by Anne Akers Johnson
Soft cover,   94pages
srp $19.95 

The easiest how-to-knit book ever. Learn to knit a long skinny scarf, a cozy hat, a cell phone sock, a snazzy little purse and more. Great for the brand new young knitter

  clearance $6.95 Only 1 copy left



Title: Knitting Book
Author: Erica Wilson
Hard Cover    172  pages
Includes over 30 assorted patterns, illustrated with line drawings of the patterns and stitches and full-colour and black and white photographs of the completed projects. Such basics as choosing yarn, deciding how much to buy, testing the gauge, and using knitting tools properly are also provided.

Clearance $12.50 only 1 copy left

Title: Knitting In America
Author: Melanie D Falick
Hard cover, oversized , 224 pages
Patterns, profiles and stories of America's Leading Artisans. With profiles of thirty eight of America's most fascinating artisans, plus more than thirty patterns for adult and child sized garments that were designed especially for this book. The patterns in this book range in difficulty from basic to advanced and in style from traditional to contemporary. The photography by Chris Hartlove makes this a book that will continue to give pleasure for years to come.

  clearance $24.50 only 1 copy left

Title: Knitting in No Time
by Melody Griffiths
hardcover,  160 pages
srp $24.95  
50 Easy-knit bags, Shawls, Jackets and more for Fast. Fun Style. Wide range of projects in modern shapes and styles using classic and brand new yarns. Techniques section shows you how to master all the simple skills you need.

clearance $12.50   only 1 copy left


Title: Knitting into the Mystery-A guide to the shawl-knitting ministry
by Susan S. Jorgensen & Susan S. Izard
Hardcover,  147 pages
srp $24.00
The who, what, when and where of knitting Prayer Shawls. This is not a pattern book but one that traces the history of a current world wide knitting ministry-an ecumenical movement of women's group who knit shawl. It includes setting up such a group as well as stories of knitting, giving or receiving shawls.

 Clearance $11.95 Only one copy left


Title: The Knitting Man(ual)
20 + projects  for guys
by Kristin Spurkland
Hardcover , 120 pages
 SRP:  $24.95
Chock full of creative styles and classic knits---with valuable tips and tricks throughout-- is a definite go-to collection for any guy that wants to knit.
Whether men do the knitting, the wearing or both, this book is destined to be a hit with all sexes.

  Clearance price $12.50  Only1 copy left



Title: Kniting Nature
by Norah Gaughan
Hardcover   176pages
srp $37.50
Norah Gaughan, one of the most innovative and respected handknit designers working today, blends the natural and artistic worlds together with 39 stunning, fun-to-knit designs for women, men and children. She shares clear explanations of intriguing natural phenomena along with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for the unique projects they inspire.

 Clearance  $18.75  only 1 copy left

Title: Knitting with Fleece Artist
Memories of Manitoulin
by Linda benne-Finnie
Soft cover spiral, 15 pages

Ten patterns knit in hand dyed Fleece Artist yarns including patterns for a pullover, turtle neck pullover, vest, cardigan, jacket, shawl, v-neck cardigan.

sold pending shipping

clearance $8.75  Only 1 copy left

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